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August 2013 Friendship Reading

This month I pulled out one of my most special decks for you: The Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding. It's a very unique deck in that all the cards are ...well.............transparent. And they can be layered together to give new meanings. A lot of fun to play with as a deck, and a great deck overall. What I tend to do is to layer them in groups of 3 cards, as to me that gives the right complexity to the image to read with.

I asked for you what it would most help/benefit you to know about your life this month of August 2013. And here is what the cards had to say about that for you:

Card Combo 1

Card 1: 6 of Pentacles

Here is the image of the 6 of Pentacles alone. It's basic meaning for me is about setting loving goals, choosing love-based goals and/or working on your goals in loving ways.  So that is the beginning of your answer from the first 3 cards.  And you can see in the image how it's all about sharing and caring. Take those into consideration as you choose and work on your goals this month.

Card 2: 8 of Pentacles

Here is the second card of this card combo. it's the 8 of Pentacles, so it is once again about your goals. It is taking about choosing strong goals and using what inner strength that you have inside you to bring your goals into reality.

Card 3: The Devil

And the last card of the first card combo for you here is The Dcvil and no, the meaning has NOTHING at all to do with anything related to "the devil".  This is a Major Arcana card, the one of the 3. And that   says that you will be sent an important life lesson this month in relation to the meaning of this card. The meaning of this card is simply being tempted to do something not totally in your best interest. It doesn't mean that you will actually do it, just that the pull to do it will be there and have to be dealt with.


 As for the 3 cards taken together, their basic meaning is that if you set your goals from a loving place, set goals that will take you to a place that you will love being in the end. then that will help you stay strong as you work on completing those goals and to resist any temptations that may come up. That means to focus on the positive, on how much you will love being where you want to be in the end, and that will carry you through.  (I don't know about you, but I KNOW what this refers to me in my life! LOL I am just starting a diet, so it makes perfect sense to me this month!!!)  

As for the image when the 3 cards are taken together, it's a pretty good message. :-)

You do have that circle in the center that is the focal point. It has 5 chains. And 5s for me are all about acting in the ways you were taught to growing up. Usually without thinking, just acting almost reflexively out or habit or instinct. Being a bit on auto-pilot. Its when we do that and don't stop to think out if the ideas and values we were taught are the ones that are best for us (some may be and some not) that we can be tempted by what is not good for us. So this month could be a good time to stop and see what "enchains" you that you had not paid attention to before

In the center of the circle, there is someone (you) with a large star in front of her, adding little stars to it. Stars are all about hope. So the more you understand this month about what holds you back from being all you can and want to be, the more hope you have of being those things. There are some important lessons you can learn from that this month that can truly help you in your life.

And the two sharing figures at the top of the card, in the right hand side which represents the future, shows you passing on hope and joy to others around you in the future. The whole message together says that the more you can understand and get a handle on what holds you back, and can build enough hope and positive thought to break out of that,. the more you can inspire others to do the same. And pass that hope on to others as they can see it CAN be done. Passing it forward, as it were.\

Card Combo 2

Card 1:The Star

I thought I would add in a second group of 3 card for you here. And this was a really nice one. :-)

This card is the most important of the 3. It is a Major Arcana card once again, and that does mean that there is a very important life lesson, related to the meaning of this card, that your life is working to teach you this month of August 2013.

And, interestingly enough, it is a message that has already been mentioned in this reading. The Star card is all about having hope and faith: hope and faith in life AND hope and faith in yourself. As long as you believe you can complete your goal and hold onto that....well then you can. So holding onto the hope and faith are important to your goals and completing them.

Card 2: 8 of Swords

This card is the 9 of Swords and is about the way you think about your goals you want to work on, and about the thoughts you have about them. And this is again an 8, as was the second card in the last card combo as well. The 8 coming up again here is not a coincidence. it is part of the message and shows how important strength is to completing our goals.

This card says again to be positive. To believe in yourself and to think positive encouraging thoughts about the outcome of what you are working on. Logically, we do get to choose the kinds of thoughts we want to embrace. And expecting the best and success is going to make it a lot easier to succeed than thinking of negative things. So choosing thoughts that tell you are CAN and WILL succeed is the way to go. Even if what you set out to do is hard, others have succeeded and if you hold on you can too. Just trust and have that hope.

Card 3: 2 of Cups

And the 2 of Cups is all about the love. It is one of the love cards of the deck.  The image shows caring and sharing and equality. To me, here, it says to just be your own best friend. Talk to yourself in loving ways. Be encouraging to yourself as you work on your goals. Focus on the positive and don't make the focus on anything else. Nothing is ever actually perfect in life but that does not mean we can't have huge successes anyway.

Talk to yourself as you would talk to someone you love deeply, as you work on your goals, be kind and understanding and well....just plain loving.


I find these 3 very pretty when seen together. And of course the Star is central to the image, it's focal point once again saying to you to keep that hope and faith that you CAN achieve your goals at the center of it all, at the center of your being. Because yes you very much CAN!

To the left and right of the Star (representing that hope and faith in yourself here) are two beings holding hands. one represents you in the past and one represents you in your future. And they are holding hands

This is a very important point, it seems to me. It says that right now, or up until now, you have been connecting your concept to what you can do and accomplish and BE in the future to what you have accomplished in the past. Meaning that if you have found something easy enough to do in the past you feel sure you can do it again. But more importantly if something felt hard for you to accomplish in the past, this part of the image says that you are holding onto part of those feelings now and expecting more difficulties in the future or maybe even to fail./

In short, this card combo is saying: don't do that. The past is done and over. You are not the identical person you were then in the past. We all learn and grow continuously. And there is always cause for how that we can succeed in an unprecedented way on our lives at any moment. The potential is there in you, Let go of what is past. It is over and gone now. And know that it is now possible if you work from faith and love.

And on top of the image is a being (you) with swords all around them. it says that you CAN rise about what you thought you could or couldn't do. Whether those thoughts came from what others told you about yourself or from past experiences. Those are of the past and have not relevance now in the present. And certainly not in the future.

You can choose the thoughts that help you rise about all that, And then be more than you have yet been. All this is what the message of this month is all about. 

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