Thursday, May 30, 2013

June 2103 Friendship Reading

This month, I used The A King's Journey Tarot for your Friendship Reading. It's by Chanel Bayless and James Battersby. I don't believe it's currently in print, but it has always been one of my favourite decks. Its definitely my largest Tarots, with 5 suits (a suit of Spirit added in) and a few extra cards to the Majors and one additional card.  have always loved this deck for the way it "thinks", for the suit of Spirit and for the imagery which to me is very conducive to past life readings.

I asked this deck: "What is the best advice for you this month of June 2013 that will help you live your best life this month?"

And in reality all the cards in answer to this question have a common theme and are all pointing in the same direction. The gist of your answer is to not imagine the worst. as in reality things are much much better than you might think. 2 of the 4 cards in this reading are Majors, so this is really quite an important life lesson this month for you/

These are the cards that came up for you:

Card 1: 7 of Swords (reversed)

This is a Swords card talking about your thoughts and the best/most productive way to look at your life this month. It is also a reversed 7, which for me is about having hope and faith in all things. And that your advice from this card this month. It's saying that the best way for you to view things is to have faith that things will work out for the best and to really expect them too,.
And this really is a positive place to start your reading. After all, if things would not going to turn out well you would not be getting this message. :-) So you can and should relax into having faith in life and trusting that things will work out just as they should.
The image shows 3 men and behind them there is another man who is hidden to them and they are not aware of him. This tells you that there is more going on in your life, behind the scenes, than you are currently aware of. Life can be a complex thing with many levels, and this is so often the case. This cards tells you that if you have any thoughts this month or start to think in a way that makes you lose hope, it is just because there is more going on behind the scenes that you are unaware of. And if you knew it all you would feel relaxed with it all. For now, just trust that this is so this month.
In the foreground of this image are 3 swords, the center one with a heart on it. This says that life is one your side, it wants to take care of you and that the crux of the matter is that the basic most fundamental energy of the universe is love. The 4 Swords behind say that since this is so, things will complete themselves for you this month, according to that energy. That energy that is the nature of the universe is always there behind you, backing you up and helping things right themselves and work out as they should.
In short just trust in life that things will ultimately work out just as they should, they will.
Card 2: Temperance:  


Temperance is a card from the Major Arcana. The Majors are about important life lessons that our lives are working to teach us right now, through what we are currently experiencing.
The message of this card is about taking things slow, thinking before acting, not rushing into anything, slowing down to listen inside for your inner truth, and working to keep things in balance--not too much of one thing and not to much of the other
One part of this message is not to rush into things this month,. Stop and think before you act. In the image there is the person (yes representing you) trying to get things in the right balance between the two cups and equal things out between them. But some worry/concerns are getting in their way and well  these are taking the focus from where they should be and things are spilling around needlessly.
But the message has a deeper, to me much more beautiful, message for you in it. This card is telling you there is no need for that. Combined with the previous card, you are being told that there is not need to stress things because faith in your life is very very much warranted this month.

This image, to me, is very powerful in saying that you are not alone. Life IS on your side,. YOUR life is on your side. And if you do happen to believe in angels, add in that you are being very closely watched over right now by your guardian angel(s) who are by you side to comfort you at this time and at all times. If that is not part of your belief system, the rest stands on its own. :-)
Card 3: flipped Knight of Wands (reversed)  

This card is from the suit of Wands, which is about what you create of this month and how to best create it. It's a reversed Knight which in the way I read, refers back to The World card, all about the best life has to offer, the highest vision of an experience imaginable, the height of an experience, the best things could be...
I believe this has is very closely related to the messages of the last two cards. Together they are all saying that the more you believe in life, the more trust you have that things are going just as they should (even when it doesn't always feel that way).  and that your life is working on your side to create the best for you....the better and higher experiences you can create yourself in your life.
This image shows the horse actually rising up. This is saying that you can rise to new heights this month. It says that you can create and experience some truly wonderful things this month if you just believe. First we must truly believe before we can create. If we don't believe something is possible we won't try to create it. So first the faith and then this creating of something new and wonderful. Let the one lead to the other.
Card 4: flipped The World (reversed)

This last card of your reading this month is another Major Arcana card. So yes this too is related to an important life lesson for you here. And in fact it is a very very important lesson for you this month. This is a reversed card and that says right off the bat that it is a very important card. And it was also a flipped card.
A flipped card is one that flips out of the deck during shuffling or otherwise acts in a way that makes it stand out. This card was quite adamant in indicating its importance, it literally flew halfway across the room when it left the deck. LOL

So yes this is a very important card here, in fact the most important card of the reading. A flipped card coming up asks you to really stop and think about its message. It says that there is something a bit deep in what it is trying to say that you may not notice fully at first glance.

This is the World card, which the last card also made reference to.  It is a beautiful card to me with a beautiful message. There is the man (representing you). He is stepping outside of the room onto a balcony to look over his domain, his life. The red carpet he has just stepped off of says that he has (you have) been privileged in your life. Many good and wonderful things have been sent to you in the past, many more than you may actually be aware of.
On the wall of the room are diagrams and photos. The diagrams represent life plans you have made,. The photos represent images of what you think life (and your life) ought to be.
The image asks you to try and step outside of all that right now. Put it aside and go out and take a real unbiased look at life. Turn off all thoughts and expectation and just see Truth as much as you can and try to see life as clearly as you can.
The more you do this, you are being told here, the more you will be struck by the depth and extreme beauty and even yes the perfection of this thing that is life and your life.

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