Thursday, May 30, 2013

Asking about Life

This month I asked the Angel Tarot cards (by Doreen Virtue) "How can you know if you are on the right path spiritually?" This may not seem like a question that is applicable to everyone, but in my mind it is. Eg any choice we make in that area, means choosing one path over another. Choosing not to believe in the spiritual is choosing one path in that area of life over another, just as much as welcoming the spiritual into your life is. They are just different spiritual paths.

I chose this deck for the reading, not particularly because I wanted answers talking about  angels, but just because I felt called to use it. You don't have to believe in angels for this answer to have something to say to you. But., well, it is a beautiful deck with a lot to say and called to me today. :-)

The unexpected thing about this reading for me, which sometimes happens as a reader, is that the cards answered this question in an entirely different way from what I intended when I thought up the question. My thoughts were that the cards would tell me (us) things like you would feel it in the pit of your stomach if you were on the right path, of or intuition would let you know, or you would get signs...

But the cards just had something different in mind for you here. Instead they are talking about where a person would be in their lives in they WERE in the right path for them. So there seem to be some universal truths that apply to everyone here. Not the answer I was expecting here, but it was the one I got. LOL And that is life with Tarot, these surprises do come.

SO here is what the Angel Tarot cards had to say to you today about how you can tell if you are in the right spiritual path (for you):

Card 1: 9 of Air (reversed)

The suit of Air in this deck is about your thoughts and the way you think about things. Given the question about your thoughts about the spiritual and what your path in that area is. What you have here is a card talking about :"Expecting the worst. Self-fulfilling prophecies. Sleepless nights." And you see in the image the unicorns are lying down and resting.

So the beginning of the answer to this question is that if you have any such thoughts....give them a rest. Rest your mind and give it a good rest from those kinds of thoughts. Take a break, do something relaxing and positive, take your mind off any such thoughts, meditate....Rest your mind and heart and then look around you at all the beauty that is nature.

This card says that expecting the worst is not your best path, spiritual or otherwise, because it leads to self-fulfilling prophecies. The way we think has an effect on how things play out in our lives. In short this card says that if you thinking negatively and stressfully, you are not on the right path, spiritually.

This is also a reversed 9, which is all about warmth, feeling good inside, emotional healing. love, connection, and inner joy. These are the feelings you would have if you were in the right spiritual path, If you feel these ways you are on the right path for you. If instead you are feeling negative and expecting the worst, this card is telling you that that is a clear sign for you that you are no longer on the right path. You can tell where you are by these feelings. These will be a clear sign for you.

Card 2:Knight of Air

 And this is another card about your thoughts and the way you think about things, another card from the suit of Air. And it's the knight. Knights for me are about empathy. Knights for me are very much about having a sense of empathy. They are about making the time to stop and imagine things from the other person's viewpoint. They're about stopping to imagine what it would be like for you if YOU were in their position instead of the one you are in.

So the Knight of Swords for me would be about stopping to contemplate what you would be thinking, and how the situation would appear to you, if you were in the other person's situation instead of your own. Things do look different from different perspectives. Someone who does not have all the facts of has been exposed to them differently will likely see things differently. Sometimes even our past life experiences can cause us to see things differently.

So really, the answer from this cards says that if you think to stop and see things through the other person's eyes, and can see things from other people's viewpoints as well as from your own,....this card is saying that would be a sign that you are on a right path for you.

As you can see, the Knight is described in this card as being: intelligent. decisive, idealistic and tireless. This is saying that this is an intelligent way to make decisions of how to proceed as it will lead to less stressful outcomes and more peace with others in your life.

The words at the bottom of the card say: "Events that occur with great speed. Take time to carefully review your options. Creative solutions."  and the image is one of the knight rising on unicorn, a magical creature.  This is all saying that when an event happens quickly and unexpectedly, taking the time to imagine what the others in the situation might be thinking and to think of how it would like from their point of view would will lead to some truly creative solutions that will help you almost magically rise to new heights in these situation. Of course, asking other what they actually are thinking can be helpful too. :-) But it's about seeing the situation from everyone's perspective.

This card is saying that having the habit of doing this would be a right spiritual path.

Card 3: 2 of Earth

This is a card about the goals you want to set to get to where you want to be in your life, and the work that goes into achieving those goals, that is what the suit of Earth is all about for me. And the 2s are about the interactions between two people

The words on this card say: "Too much going on at once. The need to make a decision. Consider a more playful approach." Or, put another way, When there is too much going on at once but you need to make a decision, stop and take a more playful approach.

This to me says that when there is a lot going on at once, we can't focus on it all. When we try to focus on one thing, something else comes at us from a different direction. It is hard to see clearly at those times and we may well not be at our calmest. We may not be in our best frame of mind to make decisions that affect both our lives and the lives of the other people involved in the situation.

This cards is saying that when we need to decide on goals in our lives that involve other people (relationship goals, for example), it may not be the best time to decide on them when there is a lot coming at you from different directions. It might work better to take a time out to let the playful part of yourself out again. Tale a break. laugh, play and then when you come back to make the decision it will be a better one.

In short, setting goals involving yourself and others when there is too much going on at once is something that can take of off the right path. Taking a time out to relax and be playful first (together would be good, or alone) can help you make the best decisions that will keep you on track in your life.

Card 4: Page of Fire

The suit of Fire is about both the art of creating and the sense of passion inside you that inspires you and makes you want to create. Pages are about facing something new, something unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

So the question becomes how to create what you feel called to inside you when you have never attempted anything like it before. The short answer is that it is a better path for you spiritually to create from who YOU are inside, than to try to copy the path of others who have gone before you. As the words on the card say: "Use your originality and ingenuity."

The answers are there inside you.  Just take things one step at a time and feel what to do next. No one can be perfect when they attempt something new for them. Whether they search out their own path within, or whether they follow the path that someone else took. But the best path will be the one that comes from inside you. From YOUR originality, from your heart and soul ...from the core of who you are

Don't be afraid to be creative and invent new ways to do things. Have faith in yourself. You can and will do it. Put yourself out there and you can create something magical over time. And spread your wings and fly.

And this, following your inner guidance and being originally yourself (according to this card), is a sign you are on the right path spiritually. You are you, with an original way of thinking and feeling and being because you are meant to be that person in the world.  If you are not being yourself in situations, even in novel ones, you may be stepping off your intended path.

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