Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
May 2013 Edition
Volume 5, Edition 5

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!

Well here we are in the month of May. No more cold or snow for a while (at least where I live), but instead all the beauty of life and renewal right there in front of us. The flowers are starting to come up more and more, the leaves in the trees are bursting back into life...And one of the things I love most, weather at the perfect temperature, the warm weather before it gets hot with the beautiful cool breezes that surround you with joy.

May is always the month of all that for me, such a happy month. Even at my age, 56!, I still get excited to see the little buds in the trees that will become leaves and to watch them grow day by day. The flowers in the trees never cease to fill me with a sense of awe at nature.

That is what this time of year is for me, and I wish you so much of that joy this month.
Other fun things over here, I started a course and you know how I love to learn new things especially anything spiritual. LOL This one is on lucid dreaming and dream analysis and it has me thinking a lot about that lately.

And that seems to be about all that is new and noteworthy over here. Except that I am just getting over and cold. Mostly over it now, and yep that is a good thing. I am convinced that we need these kinds of things once in a while to prevent us from taking things for granted.:-) 

Now that I am getting my strength back, it feels SO good to get back to normal. When before "normal" was just the norm and I never thought about it. So in that strange kind of way, that is a happy thing. And well, you know me. I truly believe that nothing happens in life without a good reason.

With that I wish you a lovely month of May. May all your dreams come true, your daydreams as well and your fondest dreams at night. And may this be a deeply loving month for you. And one filled with awe at the beauty and magic of nature and the world around you.
All the best,


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