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May 2013 Friendship Reading

This month I am using The Housewives Tarot for you, by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum. I haven't used it for a while and I don't think I have ever used it in my newsletter. This month felt like the right time to use it. There are two things that make this deck special for me. First that it has a sense of humor, which I hope will come out in this reading. And I love this deck as it has that '50s look and feel to it. And being born in the '50s, that just touches me.

This month I asked for you what you need to know to have the best month of May 2013 possible, to make the absolute best of what this month gives you to work with.  The message this month was mainly about the relationships in your life this month, relationships can take many forms including those with friends and family members.... Here is what the cards said for you:

Card 1: The Sun

This is a card from the Major Arcana, so there is an important lesson that you can and will learn this month by following the advice of this card.

The Sun basically is about all the things the real sun is about: warmth, brightness, clarify, feeling good, healing, joy and all those positive things. As you can see, in this deck the card is an image of someone being kind, caring and considerate of her loved one. And that basically is the advice of this card for you here.
This card is saying to try "cooking up" a pleasant surprise  (or more than one) this month for your loved one(s). Do something special for them when they least expect it: make them their favourite meal, surprise them with something they have said they wanted for a long time, give them a heartfelt card, ,,,,Show them the warmth you feel inside and how special they are to you, for no other reason than that they are.

This card says that it will be a fun activity for you and it will lead to warmth and joy afterwards for both of you. This May would be a good time to do this in your life.
Card 2: Queen of Swords

This card is about having a good communication. Another thing that will benefit your relationships with month. Swords are about our thoughts and Queens, for me, are about sharing and working together, cooperation, and teamwork.
So this card is about sharing your thoughts with the other people you are in a relationship with, in a way that is conducive to bonding, teamwork, cooperation, and even compromise if necessary. The idea of this card is to talk about anything going on in the relationship that you have been holding back on and not discussing. To do this in a way that fosters oneness and working together on it
This May is a good time to open up and discuss these things. All the pink roses say is it best to do this in a loving caring way. But if something in the relationship needs a little pruning. to allow things to grow in a healthier way, this card suggests you discuss it this month, rather than try to hold it in.

Cards 3 and 4: 2 of Swords and Strength (reversed)


These two cards form a card duo, meaning they came out of the deck together as though they were just one. When this happens, it means to me that the meanings of both cards are  very closely interconnected. Prett5y much that there is just one message here, that is coming from both cards combined.

The short version of this message, is that when you think of any of the relationships in your life this month, and what you would like to "carve away" or remove...but feel hesitant and/or not sure (cannot see clearly) what the consequences of doing so might be, here is the best solution this month.
Just remember that the best goal you can aim for and focus on is Strength. this card came up reversed so this month this is a very important message. If things between you can use some changes, this card says to remember that the goal is to strengthen what you have, to make your relationship stronger.
The way to gain the greatest value now is to remember to not put the focus you getting what you want, or them getting what they want. It's not about one person winning if the other loses. If once loses, both lose. It's about putting the priority and thinking first of what will benefit most what you share, and what will strengthen the relationship between you.
If you feel something needs some change, but are not sure how to go about it or how it will work, think first of if this thing will strengthen or weaken what you share. If you follow the path of what you believe with strengthen your relationship, that will be the right path this month.
Card 5: Page of Wands
This card is telling you that you may want to create something between you that feel different or is new to what you share. Wands are about creating and the Pages for me are about facing something new that you never (or rarely have before). This card says that if this comes up, just have faith in the other and in what you share and being playful and laughing and things will help make any transition easier.  This attitude, in this month of May,  will help you leave anything that needed cleaning up between you in the past
Card 6: flipped 2 of Wands

This is a flipped card, card that "flipped" out of the deck during shuffling. A flipped card, for me, contains a message that is a bit deep. It says that if you stop and really think over the message given by the card, there is something valuable that you can learn from it, Something you may not see at first glance
This is the 2 of Wands, and that makes it about how 2 people can create something together in the best way. This card has a message that has already shown up a number of times in this reading.

The image shows a person with 4 hands. So it says the way to create the best relationship that you can is to work together as one. If and/or when you feel like you are at cross purposes and have different ideas of how to proceed, the most important thing is to try to work at one. That means more than any issue you could face. And with that, you can face any issue.
The image just says to me that if anything in your relationship is affecting that sense of oneness, May 2013 is a good time to "pick up your socks" so to speak (just look at those droopy socks in the image) and get to work on getting that warmth back, (the warm fur coat).

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