Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
March 2013 Edition
Volume 5, Edition 3
Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!
We're in March now (or at least soon will be) and that means we've already made it though the coldest month of the winter and it just gets better and better from here (and warmer). :-)

I had an interesting experience recently that just concluded today.  Since it is related to Tarot and to getting signs and guidance, I thought I would share it with you here. SO here's what new over here
Last month I mentioned that I got a new daytime job. I had just gotten it at the time. I did not stay. They were asking me to be quite rude to the clients and of course I was not willing to do that. So I left soon after.  I just got a new job now that I am starting tomorrow and I got it in an interesting way.
Over the past couple of weeks I had done some readings and asked the cards questions about how I would recognise the best job for me when it came along. And I kept on getting Card 18--The Moon. The Moon means romance and romantic feelings for me. And the connection was not immediately clear (to say the least, LOL) and at first it left me wondering how romance was connected to knowing which of the jobs I was interviewing for would be best for me
Then late last week, I was given an interview for Feb 18th. I had only one that day. And then I understood. The cards were telling me that the job from the 18th was the best one for me!   That was clear enough, but it did not stop there. Literally an hour after I had set the time for the interview for the 18th, BOTH my Internet and my telephone went down. Our telephone line got crossed with a neighbor's and for the next few days we were getting their calls and they were getting ours. And my modem died at the exact same time.
The end result being I could not get online to look for more jobs and those who i had already e-mailed could not call me. Life blocked me from looking or taking another job in the meantime. I had my interview on the 18th and it did feel like a good job to me. But I had to wait a few days to know if i had gotten it for sure. I stopped looking until I heard back. Which I did today and I start tomorrow.
So just to say, that is how i see life, it works for your best interest and especially when you ask. From what I can see this job has everything I asked for in a job. And hey, I was told it would be the best one for me:-)

I hope this month gives you chances also to see the magic of life at work for you in your life.

Before I go, you may notice that I found out how to add some glitter in my images here ( I did so in the March contest section and in the Quote of the Month sections. I thought I would leave you wtih the web sites I used to do so, for you to have fun with too. Both are free sites. I used:
Wishing you all the best for this month of March 2013!


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  1. Isn't it funny how the tarot cards work at times? I remember you telling me before you were getting the moon and wondering about that.

    Congrats on the New Job!!!

  2. Thanks Nance!!! Well sometimes the cards work symbolically, and then when you least expect it, they talk very literally. LOL


  3. Saw your link on Aeclectic Tarot! Wanted to share enthusiasm for Tarot blogging :) Of course mine is Glad to see more Tarot Blogs on the net. Good Job!


    1. I'm totally with you Tim! The more of us out there the better, the way I see it. Tarot is so often misunderstood and dthere are so many fears and untrue negative beliefs circulating, that I think ther is a need for people to explain the beauty fo what it is and can be.