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March 2013 Friendship Reading

Here is your reading for this month of March, to help make your life easier. I will be using the Margarete Petersen Tarot for you here, created of course by Margarete Petersen. It's a deck I have always loved for the artwork that leaves so much room for the intuition. Being an intuitive reader, I really appreciate that. It's just a deck with a lot to say. :-)

This month I asked the cards what advice they have for you to help you live the best month of March 2013 possible?

And here is what they said:

Card 1: Father of Flames (reversed)
 This is an interesting place to start, the way I see it :-)

The suit of Flames is about what we want to create in our lives, and what we are working to create. The Father here is the equivalent of what would be a King in most decks. And a reversed King/Father is about destiny for me, about something that is meant to and destined to happen for you this month. 

It is my belief that in most things in our lives we are completely free to choose which path we want to take, but also that there are times when destiny is at play. This card indicates one of those times. Destiny always works in our favor. It comes up when there is something we really need to do or see or experience, that will make our lives so much better for it, and then we are prevented from taking any other path. It's just something we truly need to do and experience for our own greater interest, and so we will.

I think you can see in the card that we are talking about something of great warmth, and something that will bring great warmth into your life. There is a flow to this image. So there is really no need for you to do anything, It is destined to come to you and so it will. This warmth is meant to flow into your life this month.  It will change the way you see things in some way, almost adding a new dimension to how you see things in certain areas of your life. It will be eye-opening in some sense for you. And help you see things inside yourself and who you are inside in a new way over time.
Card 2: 3 of Cups


Well this March is starting to look like a pretty wonderful month, with this card added in. LOL

Here is the 3 of Cups. About warm, caring feelings. These are the kinds of feelings that make you want to take good care of the people you care about, to be good to them, look after them and ensure their happiness and well being. This could mean either that you will have those feelings for the people you care about, or that they will have them for you. Most likely both at the same time. :-)
Both this card and the last show a lot of warmth for you this March. So just as the temperature starts to warm up in March (February being the coldest month), things in your personal life are going to start to feel warmer too. Nice. :-)

This image looks like a cave painting to me. And that is saying to me that we are most likely talking about a long term relationship in your life, people who have been in your life for a long time. And/or maybe you'll learn some  lessons this month about caring for loved ones that will change some long-standing views you have about all this

The images of the people in the image are overlapping, saying there will be an overlap in what you want to create with these other people in your life this month....strongly reciprocated feelings, a unity of purpose,  and a feeling of oneness. For the most part you will all be on the same page.
Cards 3 and 4: 6 of Coins (reversed) and 7 of Feathers (reversed) 

These two cards came out of the deck together. This means they form what I call a card duo. It means that their meanings are closely connected and aligned.

The first, the 6 of Coins says that certain goals that you have set will suddenly change. Coins for me about about the goals we set and the work needed to carry them out. Reversed 6's, for me, are about sudden unexpected change. A fairly permanent change that will change things forever. So really this just says that in March something in your life will cause you to suddenly change some goals you had. You will either decide they are no longer important to you, or just decide that other goals suit you better.

As for the image here, it says that your new goals will help you leave your mark on the world in a clearer stronger way. They will help the others in your life who love you feel your touch more strongly. You will be guided down this path. And again there are a lot of warm colours in this image, mainly warm colours, so your this change in you will come from and lead to a place of warmth, There is also some blue at the top near your hands, saying that the change will help you communicate better with others, and to reach out to them. it will fill in something that has felt like it was missing,.  And ultimately lead you to a more relaxed place.

The second card in this  card duo is the 7 of Feathers (reversed). This card is basically saying that this sudden change in your goals and/or plans is going to come from  a change in the way you view life. You'll start to see more humour in life, to not take it as seriously. You will sense certain nuances in life that you did not see as clearly before. The card is showing a renewal or an increase in the amount of faith and trust you have in life and in certain or the situations and relationships of your life. Things will evolve inside you and this card combined with the last says that you will suddenly find you may have outgrown some of your previous goals and that achieving them is not that important as you once thought. 

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