Thursday, January 24, 2013

February 2013 Friendship Reading

This month I decided to use my Cupid Cards for your reading. just because the deck seemed in line with the Valentine's Day theme of this month's newsletter.  This particular deck was created by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner. And it is an Oracle, not a Tarot. And a very interesting one at that. The cards in it are divided into three sections. And to do a reading and to answer a question you take one from each. Together they
form a full sentence, including a subject, verb and object.

Since our relationships with others in our lives is such an important topic, and actually the one and I get asked most about in readings, I thought this month I would ask for you what you need to know this month of February 2013 to make the most of the relationships in your life and to help them run in the most harmonious loving ways.

I asked the Cupid Cards that question for you and here is what they had to say:

The three cards were: The Teacher, Loves, and Self Esteem
=The teacher loves self-esteem. The longer version of this thought as given by this deck is: " Study and share your wisdom with one experienced enough to value it. Be realistic and learn what love is. Find someone with whom you want nothing less than to spend your life together. To achieve this, put your needs first, especially if you have a fear of feeling alone of being alone."

So taken together they are saying to make your self-esteem a priority this month in your relationships. It will feel good to you to do so and another part of this message is that we actually  do teach others how to treat us by how well we treat ourselves and how we allow others to treat us. This is not saying to get defensive, but just to be aware that we do teach others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves and that self-esteem is the path that will ultimately feel best and create the feelings in your life that you most love. Again this does not have to refer to a romantic relationship. It can be referring to any long term relationship in your life, eg parent/child, a deep friendship, brother/sister. or just any relationship that you hold dear and expect to be forever.
As for these cards taken separately:

Card 1: The Teacher

 This card shows you as a teacher. The people you are in important relationships in your life with have something to learn from you this month.  They will learn about relationships in general and about your relationship specifically from the words you say and the way you act. They are going to learn in these areas from you this month.

The card image shows you looking towards the future. This card is asking you to stop and think about what you want to have in the future with these people and what lessons you would want them to learn about what you share. Since this card says that the others in your relationship will be learning from you this month, it wouldn't hurt to consciously think of what lessons you would like to share, what you want what you share to grow into, and how you would like to be seen in the relationship. And to embody those in your words and actions. This card is asking you to be aware of what you are teaching and to try to align it with where you want to be heading in these relationships.

The butterfly indicates a period of growth between you. And the image says to really just be your true inner self and stand tall and be proud of who you are.There is nothing to hide and you are more than fine just as you are.   And then to lovingly, joyously and openly share that beautiful inner self with your loved ones.

Card 2: Loves

This card says this month can be a truly open and loving time for you in your relationships. A time of positive growth and evolution. Almost a vacation from the mundane.  it's a time to think on what love is (both self-love and your love for others and even love for the world in general) and to embody your highest beliefs on love. It's a time to really open up your heart, to openly be you and to take down walls and let the others fully in. into your true inner self.

Card 3: Self-Esteem
This is also a month to make sure you don't neglect your own needs. Listen to your inner self, your inner heart. While yes, being loving means being good to those you love, and caring and nurturing and this is an important part of the energy of this month, at the same time none of this means to neglect your own needs. Remember to listen out for your own needs and be caring and loving and nurturing to yourself too. You deserve your own care as much as anyone else does. And when your own needs are not met, it makes it harder to be fully open to another.

This is a month to listen to your own soul, and to what it is telling you it needs and to what it wants to teach you about love.

Try not to listen to anything pulling at you from the past that may not be in your best interest. Any habits that you react to unthinkingly. If you feel pulled to think of act in a way out of habit, stop and think if it really does reflect who you want to be in your relationships in the future and what you want love to be in your life. You get to choose what you create with the loves in your life this month. And you get to choose what you teach the others in your life about the kind of love you want to share and about how you want to be treated.  And that can create some huge and beautiful change

Think of what you want to share together and how to create it, and let those be the lessons you teach.:-)


  1. Wow! this reading is so good for me too, Babs. thank you. I have learned this lesson the hard way, unfortunately! I needed this reading years ago. But, it still is a good reminder for me to continue on taking care of 'me first'. So often, people forget to do this at the expense of their loved ones and we fall into a bad trap then. So, yes, make your life, your needs be known too and don't allow yourself to 'suffer'. Show your loved ones what it is you need. That is what a good relationship is all about.


  2. Thanks to you too! That was so nice to hear as I try to help whenever I can.

    Sorry you had to learn the hard way. I guess we all have times like that. I believe there are some life lessons that we just have to learn that way. What we learn from personal experience, we learn the most strongly and then it really becomes a part of us and it stays with us forever.

    Then we can get on to living a happier life and don't have to be encumbered with it again. If you know me, you'll know that I believe that nothing is accidental in life, and that whatever happens is always for the best in the end. :-)

    I'm glad if I was able to be that remeinder for you all the same.