Friday, October 25, 2013

 November 2013 Friendship Reading

I pulled out a deck for you this month that I have not used in ages. It was definitely time. It's called the Mantegna Tarot by A. Atanassov. It's a rather unique deck. Although it's called a Tarot, it's really technically more of a predecessor to a modern day Tarot deck. It has only 50 cards, no suits really. Even though a few of the cards are similar to the modern day ones.

The artwork itself was created in 1460, something which just fascinates me. And the backgrounds of the cards are silver foil although it doesn't show up in photographs. But basically the part that looks black in the card backgrounds IS actually a shiny silver.

 This month I asked this deck for you what the card can tell you this month that will help you live this month of November in the best way for you. Here is what came up:

Card 1: Aritmetricha

The meaning of this card is to "align the forces at play".  And the woman here has her eyes closed and it wearing blue. The start of this answer is to close your eyes to what others are doing or saying and to go inside and feel and think what it really is that you want.  Stop, take some time to slow down, make some alone time and just ask yourself what you most want to achieve, what would make you most happy this month, what would give you the greatest sense of satisfaction, which part of your Self do you most want to express this month.

Now is a good time to stop and look inside and ask yourself what you truly want of the month of November. If you don't often do this, now is a great time for it. Go for it. This card suggests that the first step is to know what you want to go for.

Next the woman here is shown wearing a pink shawl with a layer or white underneath. This says to think pure thoughts if you can about what you want to create. Try to keep away from thoughts that tell you that you can't have or create what you want. Hold the thoughts that say you CAN, closest to your mind. Keep them in mind.  Keep telling yourself that if you need to. The more you believe, the easier things are to create.

The pink shawl, pink being a colour of the heart chakra and of love, suggests keeping positive thoughts in mind. Stay positive about what you want and try not to let any negativity creep in. All this will help align the life forces that you need to create what you hope to.

And then watch for what comes to you, for opportunities and stop and weigh each for the possibilities they contain to help you

Card 2: Chronico

The meaning of this card is about acting sensitively. It says that this month it is important to pay attention to your level of sensitivity to others in the different situations of your life, and to think on how your words and actions actually do affect others. It says it would benefit you to slow down and really see and pay attention to that this November. And to stop and think about this.

The card is telling you something about your past, as the man is facing left here...towards the past. He is holding a little dragon here forming a circle by "biting its tail" (representing power and the magic of life and something coming full circle). Really this is saying that at some point in your past one of two things may have happened.

Either you saw something you said cause someone pain and became very sensitive to that and might be avoiding situations that remind you for that time  needlessly in an effort not to go there again. Or that in the past someone was hurt by your words but you did not realize it and  that it's time to talk things out and get to the root of things.

Either way it's about making time to think on this topic and to try to see things in different and unique ways. About how sensitively you react to others, in which areas, and if change is needed in any way. It's all about your sense of empathy and connectedness to the others in your life. To your faith in them and your ability to see the best in them (and there is good in all people).  And about your inner growth.

Card 3: Imperator

And this card is about ambition, so again we are back to what you want from this month of November, what do you want to create from it, what ambitions do you have for it?

The Imperator is in fact the Emperor, And would be represented by The Emperor card in a traditional Tarot deck, even though it is Card 9 here.

He says that you have the power to create what you want, to think up and decide on the rules and plans that will take you where you want to go. His crown tells you that this month (and beyond) when it comes to creating what you want in your life, you rule!)

He is wearing pink on his torso, over his heart, and pink is the colour of love. So the card tells you here that you have the power to create what you want this month IF you do so lovingly and taking the needs and desires of any others involved into consideration. The crystal ball he holds tell you that if you try and open up your heart and caring nature you can feel and sense this from the others around you. You can only get to what you want this month if everyone's needs are in accord. But yes you can very much get there.

The blue cape wears says that you can also feel free to just ask any others involved what they want and need, them just listen and go from there.

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  1. beautiful cards, and I'll keep all this in mind and see how it works for me this November.