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July 2013 Friendship Reading

For your reading this month, I used my Cosmo Astrotaro by Carol Herzer. It is one of my most special decks. Very unusual. as it is part Tarot and part Astrology deck. It contains normal Major Arcana cards from a traditional Tarot, but the rest of the cards are all Astrology-related, with a few of the elements thrown in.

What makes this deck most special unfortunately does not show up in photographs very well. But it does make the deck quite beautiful. Each deck is individually handmade and hand=painted and they contain both iridescent and glitter paints. It really shines as a deck, literally. I just wish you could see it in the photos.

Here is a video of another deck by the same creator so you can see the glitter and shine more clearly.

So this month this is what I asked for you and what the cards had to say:

What advice do the cards have for you this month, to help you make the very best of this month?

Card 1: The Wave (reversed)

This is Card 0 of the Majors (traditionally called The Fool). It came up reversed here saying that there is a very important life lesson for you this month related to where you are now in relation to the message of the card.  And that message is all about how much faith you have in life, and that in life things always work out for the best.

This card coming up here, and coming up reversed, is a very strong card. It is saying that this July your life will purposely be sending you lessons to teach/help you work on your faith in all this. Anything that looks like it is challenging you in that area, that is why it is in your life now. And all the good things that life sends you unexpectedly is also to help you see that ultimate fairness of life.

This card is about believing the best of life and expecting the best from it. Whether of not you are there right now, this cards says that you have had such faith in life in the past and you can do it again. Embrace that energy this month.

The image shows that wave as a series of interlocking pieces rising upwards, connected as a whole. This shows the connection of all the life events you have faced so far and will in the future. We may not always make the best choices (in fact no one always does) but this card says that all you have and ever will experience is connected and trying to lead you to a higher place inside you, to connect you to your Higher Self.  This card suggests for you to not right that as it is in your ultimate best interest and to just go with the flow where it leads as life leads you to a higher better place for you. No need to question, just follow your life this month.

Even if you can't see the good in what was sent to you, trust it is there and that there is a good reason for it all. It is all leading you to a higher better place in your life and inside yourself.  There is much going on behind the scenes that we cannot see, but if we could see it would change how we view things. That is why trust is suggested now.

Card 2: Novile

Now this is a really good card here. :-)

It has a very positive message, that of interconnection, spiritual union, positive growth, expansion, mutual understanding and communication. The gist of this card here is to embrace these things this month. Work from a positive love-base place. Focus on the positive not on the rest. Leave whatever is past in the past and just focus on  how you can be your most positive, connected, happy best this month. If you make that the focus, the rest will fall into place.

This card coming right after the previous one shows a connection between the two. It shows that the reason you the cards are working to teach you life lessons on having a deep faith in life is so that you can let for of what ti not that and put the best you can be out into the world. Once any worries that something might go wrong are taken away, that frees you to be the best that you can be and give the best of yourself out into the world.

And the image is a star, that says that this month you can really shine if you take this advice. It asks you to have faith in that. You brilliance is just waiting to shine out into the world and warm the hearts of those you come in contact with this month. Let it out and you can and will do some real good.

Card 3: Temperance (reversed)

This is a very interesting card here because is both a card from the Major Arcana and a reversed card. Just as in the first card of this reading, that shows a very very important life lesson that your life is working to teach you this month. Working with life to learn it, can only simplify things.

This card is pretty much showing the exact opposite of the message of the first card. Temperance is about being cautious, taking things slowing, not being willing to make a move unless you thinking things out carefully in detail first, and just trying to make sure things stay in balance. Trying to ensure that there is not to much of one thing, and not to much of the other, just perfectly and evenly balanced.

To me, this image looks like a cloudy sky, The clouds  obscuring your vision of the sun so that you can no longer see it  Let's say The Sun represents life's kindness and desire to send the best your way. The part of life that ensures that things always work out for the best. There are times in life when we see that more clearly that others. Some times in life we SEE and feel the effects of this more strongly than others. Things almost magically fall into place. We meet an old friend we have not seen on the bus whom we have not seen for years and who suddenly offers us a job just when we most need it, the unexpected check in the mail when funds are running low.

At those times we can see our lives are working with us to help things work out for the best, that the sun is shining on us. And other times where we don't see any direct evidence of it as nothing special is happening and that sun is hidden for the moment. Then we can be cautious in case things may not work out for the best after all

The point of the message of this card is that just as in the real sky ....on a rainy day just because we do not SEE the real sun in the sky. We know for sure and understand that the sun has not gone away from our lives and is still just where it should be behind the clouds,,,,In the same sense, the part of life that ensures that life always works out for the best, never leaves us either. Even when we don't see anything special happening, that is a part of what life is and it is always there behind things, working behind the scenes.

The arc shape around the Sun here says that there is a pattern to how this works it is not random, just as the real sun follows  a set  trajectory through the sky, there is a pattern to it and reason behind it.

This month, your life will be working to help you see this more and more clearly. The more clearly you see it, the easier the rest of your life will flow this month.

Card 4: flipped Fire (reversed)

The next 3 cards are the flipped cards of your reading, cards which flipped out of the deck during shuffling or otherwise stood out. A flipped card contains a deep message, one that it may take a bit of time to think over to understand fully.

This card is called fire. and its all about what the suit of Wands would be about in a traditional Tarot deck. It's all about what you can create this month. And given the question, it's a about the all the best things you can create in and of your life this month. The word "Spirit" is a keyword on this card, so it is also about what you can create with and from your inner self this month.  As a reversed card, this is an important message for you this month.

This card here is talking about the best way to let your light shine out into the world this month. The spiral at the bottom of the cards says to do it in a connected way, through the spirit of connection, The colour red around it says that that will bring more warmth into your life. And lead to beautiful transformations in your life in the future (the energy at the bottom right hand corner which look like a beautiful butterfly wing).

And the Star at the top of it all radiating out it energy of faith and trust=one more reminder form this deck to trust that all is  in order in the universe and you have no need to concern yourself that it might not be.

Card 5: flipped Taurus


As you can see, here is one of the traditional Astrology cards coming up, the card representing Taurus. It's message for you this month is about rebirth, about recreating yourself, making something different and better of yourself...self-improvement.  Its about remaking positive change, taking pride and pleasure in who you are, and just living up to your ideals of who you want to be. These are all things that this card says it would benefit you to work on this month,.

This card is telling you to work. this month on what will bring you harmony, both inner harmony (by knowing that you are living up to who you want to hope to be) and harmony with the others around you. Work on maintaining those kinds of harmonies and that will help you a lot this month. :-)

Card 6: flipped Trine (reversed)

This last card of your reading is called Trine. The concept of "Trine" here is related to the number 3, the reason for the triangles in the image. It's a number of balance and steadiness. Of all the shapes, the triangle is the hardest to tip.

So this can be a good month for you to think of the balance between the different areas of our life. Are things in balance as they should be, or have you been neglecting certain areas of your life and placing more emphasis on others. Now could be a good time to make some space for anything you have been neglecting or putting on the back burner.

This month when it comes to where to place your efforts, the heart in the center of the main triangle says to choose from an enlightened place of self-love, and connection too. It's ME-time for you time to grow and expand and spread your inner wings.  Show and communicate your inner love and connection to others around you and watch those thought inside you lead to something long-lasting that grows (shown in the trees growing at the top) :-)
This card did come up reversed, so there is a very important message for you here saying that you really can climb to a better place for yourself and feel more at ease and balanced and at inner harmony if you work on all this this month.

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