Saturday, June 23, 2012

Here is my very newest toy, the one I talked about in the June 2012 edition of my newsletter. :-)

My new Miche bag finally arrived and just in time for my birthday too. :-)
For me anything that is fun to play with and brings you joy is a "toy". LOL

In case you missed it or weren't here for the last edition of my newsletter (that will be soon ending to be replaced by this blog), Miche bags are purses, but very special ones. They start with a base bag, mine is black. And then you can get different covers (called shells) in all different colours and textures. They come in 4 difference sizes and there were about 40 shells in just the size I ordered.

Both the base bags and shells have magnets in them and the shells snap on easily and securely. The magnets are also "earth magnets" do they do not damage credit cards or cell phones, so I have heard. So what you have is a system where you can easily (in literally about 3 seconds) change your purse to match your outfit.  I have 6 shells already to play with, which had been a ton of fun for me.

This shell is from the Hope collection. All whenever you buy a shell from the Hope collection part of the proceeds go towards helping with childhood cancer. And what is more fun than that, feeling like you did some good in the world.

Since I am in Canada, I got mine from but they are available in many other countries as well. If you're curious, you can look on YouTube as well under Miche bag, there are TONS of videos on them as well. So that is my new toy and what if bringing me joy in my life right now. :-)

Oh and the background in the image is my den where we lie down and watch TV. I love my chocolate colored walls. If you're like me, chocolate is relaxing! LOL

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